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Introduction To Diamond Saws

Introduction To Diamond Saws

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These units are all designed specifically for sawing and would normally be used in conjunction with a lapping or grinding machine.

A Diamond saw-blade consists of microscopic diamond particles embedded in the rim of a thin metal disc. Unlike a saw for wood or metal, a Diamond blade does not have 'teeth' and it has a fine grinding action rather than a cutting action. Because of its construction, it is possible - to most peoples surprise - to hold a finger against the rim whilst the blade is running and the flesh will be cleaned but not cut !

Quite a lot of heat is generated during the sawing process and for this reason a coolant has to be applied at the point of cut to prevent blade damage and stone cracking. Water is adequate as a coolant on saws of 6" diameter or less but this would evaporate too easily on a deeper cut so larger blades are used with a special coolant ('MetPrep Cool') as shown below.


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