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Manchester Minerals have marketed quality rough and cut gemstones and jewellery making equipment, at competitive trade prices, since 1972. Most orders placed before 1.00pm are despatched the same day.

Introduction To Diamond Saws

Introduction To Diamond Saws

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These units are all designed specifically for sawing and would normally be used in conjunction with a lapping or grinding machine.

A Diamond saw-blade consists of microscopic diamond particles embedded in the rim of a thin metal disc. Unlike a saw for wood or metal, a Diamond blade does not have 'teeth' and it has a fine grinding action rather than a cutting action. Because of its construction, it is possible - to most peoples surprise - to hold a finger against the rim whilst the blade is running and the flesh will be cleaned but not cut !

Quite a lot of heat is generated during the sawing process and for this reason a coolant has to be applied at the point of cut to prevent blade damage and stone cracking. Water is adequate as a coolant on saws of 6" diameter or less but this would evaporate too easily on a deeper cut so larger blades are used with a special coolant ('MetPrep Cool') as shown below.

Click here for Instructions on use of Diamond Saws