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Natural Hexagonal burgundy RUBY crystal ~15mm (carded)

Natural Hexagonal burgundy RUBY crystal ~15mm (carded)

Ref: RubyXtl20mm

New stock from India of natural Ruby Corundum crystals; each showing clear hexagonal crystal form and measuring approximately 15mm. Supplied with a descriptive card.
Three illustrated to indicate variation.

Rubies are a form of corundum, which is the second hardest mineral after diamond. The most valued are clear, deep red - termed "pigeon's blood". Some rubies display a star when illuminated because of an effect called asterism. Asterism is caused by inclusions, which are needle-like extensions of other mineral crystals (such as rutile) trapped within the primary stone. Many stones that are not rubies are nevertheless called rubies. The balas, or balas ruby, for example, is a type of spinel; the Bohemian ruby is rose quartz; the Siberian ruby is red or pink tourmaline; others are varieties of garnet.
Synthetic rubies are used as gems, but most of the production is used in the manufacture of watches and instruments. Ruby is the Birthstone for July. This crystal is from India.
Price per crystal:

(up to 9) 2.51 (3.01 Inc. VAT) view the price in UK Poundsview the price in eurosview the price in US Dollars
(10+) 1.99 (2.39 Inc. VAT) view the price in UK Poundsview the price in eurosview the price in US Dollars

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