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TANZANITE Tumbled 10-15mm Crystal pendant (carded)

TANZANITE  Tumbled 10-15mm  Crystal pendant (carded)

Ref: TanzanTumblPend

Discovered in The Merelani Hills area of Tanzania in the late 1960's, this much prized blue/purple zoisite was named by Tiffany & Co of New York who launched it to the world market in 1969.
Recent improvements to mining techniques and relaxation of 'red tape' has made the stone more accessible to the market in recent years although clean large stones are rare and very expensive.
The stone is predominantly brown/bronze in rough form but can be altered to a beautiful velvety blue by heat treatment. The colour is enhanced by its natural trichoic property showing different colours in different directions along the crystal.
This small (10-15mm average) tumbled gem has been drilled on the top and an up-eye fitted with a 'fleur-de-lys' style spring bail suitable for use with a fine base-metal chain or cord (not included). Three pendants illustrated to show product variation.
Price per tumbled pendant:

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